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SoundCloud is one of the best social media networking sites made available on the internet, especially when you are into creating podcasts and music more than any other thing.

This social media site specializes in hosting audio files most in AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR and WMA formats. Once these files uploaded, it’s playable on the Sound Cloud player audible to any user who wants to listen to it. Of course the content uploaded should respect the terms and conditions the site has set for its users.

As a user of SoundCloud, you are allowed to upload and explore tracks uploaded into the site, and like any social network, you are able to interact and correspond with other users through commenting and private messaging. Increase SoundCloud Plays - it’s basically a social network with lots of perks for audio arts enthusiasts.

One of the most awesome features in SoundCloud is the ability to leave “timed comments” on any part of the song they like or want to comment on, a great way to gain feedback from fellow musicians, artists or even from the public. They can tell you which are there favorite parts and which parts they don’t like as much. This is even a great feature to use when you want feedback from people you work together when you’re in a small recording business, because you can directly leave comments on specific spots, and if privacy is an issue, you can always make the track private—that pretty much solves it.

Since SoundCloud is one of the most popular audio sharing sites, it’s not really a surprise if talent scouts or agents who look for new talent frequent the site. They are always looking for the new “it” talent, whether it’s a solo artist or a band. That’s also one of the many reasons why people would like to have a lot of views and comments, because it calls attention to that sort of audience.

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Indeed SoundCloud is a nice community for growth between musicians and podcaster. This one place to social and learn more. It’s also a good place to share tracks if you’re okay with giving them out for free anyway anybody can enable and disable the download button for their advantage when they want to. This is good to, since giving out freebies is a nice way to build a fan base. For any musician who plans to market their material, this is also the best place. They can post sample tracks and enable a tag which leads a user to purchase tracks in iTunes. Definitely a great place to market music for self-produced artists by placing an audio preview of tracks.

SoundCloud isn’t only a community for podcasters, musicians and singers. It’s a community for everyone. It’s not only an audio sharing site, it’s also a social media site, a good place set roots and begin building a fan base. A sanctuary for music advocates listening to raw, untapped, unadulterated music by different artists of different genres.

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